CEO, Founder

A Research Engineer and Social Entrepreneur at Hyderabad / Vijayawada, India, Mr. Sri Ram Nadh Mandali  (CEO, Founder) works in Data Science, Energy, Environmental Studies, Automobiles, Healthcare & Manufacturing. He has a postgraduate degree in Quality Management Systems from BITS Pilani, and is a Research Scholar at IIT Madras, India. 

Recently working with SDSN Global Leadership community team, TRIZ practitioners, IDG Practitioners Network team, EIT KIC-Climate Change community members , GSFN (UK) Social-economic team members for fulfilling sustainable goals in education, energy & water leveraging his experience of Quality tools & software’s (such as FMEA, QFD, Statistical processing tools & methodology like Six Sigma, Lean, TRIZ principle in innovation) . 

He is diving into the latest topics of Digital Industry of IIoT , Predictive Analytics , Data Science , Systems Thinking , Climate affects on human health , Water parameters through Quality monitoring systems, Battery Cell chemistry life assessments to gain insights about the correlation of human behavioral sciences , impact on Climatic conditions and thus results in Business growth, economy across the country. 

Currently he is working on the integration of academic sciences with Industrial requirements and coping with IDG skills along with digital skillsets through innovative tools & methods. As a  consultant , enhancing data science skills for various universities, colleges (incubator, education, research and knowledge validation), and trying to support young professionals to show the right path in the Digital Industry.   

Goals &Objectives of Lipongroup :

Global Leadership support and collaboration with like minded professionals in energy, healthcare, manufacturing & industries  were gathering together, to achieve the goals of Green Fields / Energy sustainable Green World.